Contemplating the New Year


DAY 1 (January 1, 2014) – Bocas Del Toro, Panama

As I sat waiting for a water taxi back to the mainland I noticed this man seemingly lost in his thoughts. It’s the first of the year and I wondered what he was thinking – was it the long day of hard work ahead? Was he thinking about the year that just passed and perhaps hoping for a better tomorrow? I’ll never truly know his thoughts, but I hope this image makes you want to know as well.

I shot this image because I thought his features were striking – worn leathery skin from time in the sun and probably long hours of work on the water, strong hands gently laying on his legs, a face with an obvious indigenous past and eyes that pierce through souls.

He is a stranger that I photographed on the first day of New
Year and of this 365 project. I will forever wonder his thoughts.


One thought on “Contemplating the New Year”

  1. Hi Shawn!

    So fascinating to always see your work. Maybe, in retrospect, you will see, after your 365 day project is up, that your thoughts were embedded in each one of your subject in some way. For their thoughts could have been your thoughts at some stage in your life. If not that, then at least you will have gain the respect & wisdom for the truth in that single moment you were gracious to capture. All the best!

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