PANAMA_D700 HR_-8 Day4

Day 4 (January 4, 2014) – Panama City, Panama

On my last full day in Panama I decided to just walk the streets of Panama City. Starting in the historic Casco Viejo neighborhood, I wandered until I got lost. I was far away from the path of tourist when I was exposed to the real Panama. Vibrant shops and commercial corridors reminiscent of East LA or a Chinatown almost anywhere. The streets were busy, full of life and a unique diversity that is Panama. Through the chaos of people, languages, smells and sounds I found this Kuna woman walking seeming slightly out of place because of her traditional dress. The Kuna are normally found on small islands about 5 hours away from the big city. I tried to get out to the San Blas region to document their culture myself, but the travel gods were not cooperating this go around. Luckily, I found this image simply by getting lost.


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