Day 12 (January 12, 2014) – New Orleans, Louisiana

There is nothing quite like a Sunday afternoon in New Orleans – especially when a second line parade passes through the neighborhood. I’m back in a city I love.  A place that I called home for almost 4 years doing my part to help rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. I will always hold a special place in my heart for the Big Easy – for the good and the bad, this is just a special place. The culture of New Orleans is what hypnotized me.  From the first time I saw the bright colors of men and women parading through the streets with a brass band belting out tunes at higher than humanely possible octaves. They danced. We danced. Everyone celebrated this day as if it were their last day on earth.  Even as I tried to capture my image, I found me feet moving to the drums and horns once again hypnotized by the culture of New Orleans. In between dance steps, I shot not wanting to miss a moment but also not wanting to miss being in the moment.


One thought on “AT THE SECOND LINE”

  1. This pic is vibrant. I love not only the angle of the shot but the deep blue color that lifts the richness of the costume. I can feel the beat. I hope to visit New Orleans.

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