Day 11 (January 11, 2014) – New York, New York

Back in New York for one day I find myself crisscrossing the city in steel tubes running errands, visiting friends and spending some alone time with strangers. The subway brings me peace. At times its a relief from congested streets filled with tourist and angry New Yorkers all rushing to go nowhere. It’s also an equalizer – people from all walks of life ride the same subway cars dealing with the occasional eccentric passenger, the overzealous bridge and tunnel crowd, tourist craning over heads to see a confusing map, etc. We are all here together.  It’s always an interesting ride if you pay attention or wake from the daze caused by the hum and soothing vibration as the cars make their way through the maze that is the NY subway system. On this day, I found myself admiring a young couple exhausted by a day of shopping in the cold – finding love and warmth in each other. There closed eyes and peaceful expression speaking volumes of their thoughts for each other. They sit alone, in love on a crowded subway car.


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