Day 15 (January 15, 2014) – New York, New York

On my way to the 7 Train for the long crowded journey back to Brooklyn (I take the 7 to the G and that’s were the long part usually starts because it’s perpetually late!). I usually head straight down the maze of tunnels with commuters rushing in every direction, but today I decided to spend a little time in Grand Central Station.  Rather than joining the rush hour dash, I sat back and watched people sprint to catch a commuter train, tourist marvel in the architecture of the station, and endless hugs as friends or lovers were reunited. Rather than the traditional main concourse shot, I ventured to one of the side hallways to make my image. I was drawn to the contrast of architectural shapes and shadows cast by natural and artificial light. When the crowd began to lull, I shot. Catching a few faceless souls heading home or to their next adventure.


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