Day 16 (January 16, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

Once again I find myself wandering the streets of New York late a night having wasted all the daylight toiling away in my midtown office. By day, I fight the good fight just trying to make the world a better place and by night…. ok, by night I’m usually sleeping or catching up with friends…but on this particular night I brought my camera with me on my jog over to the gym (I’m still trying to keep my new years resolution). I’ve admired ESPO’s (Philadelphia graffiti artist Stephen Powers) ‘Love Letter to Brooklyn’ that covers an old Macy’s parking garage for sometime now, but I never photographed it. (side note: If you don’t know ESPO, you really need to google him, his work is incredible and he’s been at it since the early 90s.) So on this night around 11 PM on my way back home I decided to freeze a moment to pay respect to a great artist who has love for BK.  The piece covers the parking structure and a few other adjacent buildings in the Fulton Mall area of Downtown BK.


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