2/3 Ghost


Day 24 (January 24, 2014) – New York, NY

It’s Friday. I forgot my camera at home and frankly I’m tired. The subway can’t come quick enough. I don’t even mind the crowds this day because I know after a long week at work, I’ll get to just relax a bit at home. My mind was wandering when I finally heard the rumblings of the 3 train make its way down the steel tracks. I stood with the other lonely commuters excited about the sound of the moving train – when you just want the day to end, it’s truly music to the ears. As the train approached I grab my iphone, quickly transitioned from the latest NPR podcast (Snap Judgement, you gotta check it out) and intently followed my subject as it rushed by. The 3 or was it the 2, sped by like a silver ghost coming to a brief stop pick up and drop off more nameless souls. I got on. And my day was officially over.


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