NYC DAY 26_016b web

Day 26 (January 26, 2014) – Lower East Side, NYC

Yesterday I found myself looking up at the overcast sky and its winter veins – today watching my step trying to avoid the endless pools of slush I admire puddles.  City snow only looks picturesque the moment it falls and blankets the concrete jungle. The streets are usually empty and only a few cabs crisscross lanes as the city falls into a winter coma. By the next day, it’s business as usually with cars and pedestrians making an absolutely ugly mess out of once pristine snow.   What was once white is now a grey slushy mixture of ice, dirt, oil and other pollutants cars and people leave behind.   There are also puddles that gather along the edges of well traversed streets acting as mirror to the world above and sometimes as a pool of dreams evolving as the day goes by.


One thought on “UNTITLED”

  1. I wasn’t sure why this image made such an impression. I kept coming back to it- each time focusing on different details- the cigarette on the floor, the words “racial diversity” printed on the discarded newspaper, the image of the apartment building reflected in the water. You really captured the beauty of the city amidst the litter in the street. Great shot!

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