Day 27 web

Day 27 (January 27, 2014) – New York, NY

It’s Monday morning in New York and after a great breakfast with some coworkers I’m finally heading into the office when I find this image. There is an older gentlemen attempting to cross a business midtown street. He is walking gingerly, taking small slow steps perhaps to maintain a steady balance or maybe this is his speed of life after long tough years. He is scruffy looking, slightly disheveled and perhaps homeless. The streets are relentless. They don’t care that this man can barely walk and is simply trying to cross the street. Cars begin beep their horns and a few drivers have some choice words for the gentlemen. Traffic doesn’t stop. It speeds by with this elderly man now trapped in the middle. Witnessing this spectacle unfold before me, I grab my camera and tried to snap a picture…..only to realize I left my memory card at home! So….back to the trusty iphone for this one. I felt torn taking this image when my first inclination was to rush out to the middle of street and help this man navigate the chaos. He eventually made it across the street – at his pace despite the horns and ugly comments.


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