My Muse

Day 31 (January 31, 2014) – Oakland, CA

First, let me say for the record, I have some really beautiful friends.  And every once in a while they actually let me take their picture.  For me no trip to Oakland is complete without hanging out with my muse.  We have fun catching up and always mange to make some magic with the camera. Honestly, I can never get tired photographing her.   So….the story of my muse. It starts like this…It’s 2008 and I’m at a night club in Oakland California.  The music is blaring, the crowd is think and I have a drink and my NY confidence in my hand as I survey the room. I’m looking for someone to dance with…you know, a little two step side to side. I’m looking for the special someone, slightly Oaklandish and 100% beautiful. Ok…maybe that’s how I imagine nights in my dreams…but in reality and I was just playing the wall when my friend Nate happened to make acquaintances with a group of beautiful women out to have fun and enjoy a Saturday night in the city. We were all making small talk and then I spotted her. For the first time in my life I used the cliche photographer’s line – “baby, I’m a photographer and I NEED to take your picture”. Ok…I definitely didn’t say baby…and if memory serves me correctly I just told her how beautiful I thought she was and that I would really like to photograph her. For me, it was the cheekbones that did it and her short cropped stylish hair was also a plus. She giggled and blushed and explained to me that she had never been photographed before and that she wasn’t photogenic.  It took me a year to convince her to be my muse – to get comfortable in front of my camera and to simply let go.


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