NYC DAY 24_024 bw web

Day 34 (February 3, 2014) – New York, NY

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was walking around on a warm Super Bowl Sunday – think that the NFL really lucked out with this weather. It was 45 degrees! A perfect night for a Seahawk beat down of the Broncos. I figure if the Steelers aren’t in the big game, might as well root for a team with no titles under their belt. Congrats Seattle! After a night of football and one too many chicken wings I went to sleep satisfied and ready to start the week fresh. And when I woke up….I found New York blanketed in snow…AGAIN! WTH! I know that damn groundhog saw his shadow the other day, but come on! Couldn’t we just enjoy some warm weather.  Well…I had to go out and at least get one image and despite a snow day, I had a meeting with the Secretary of Labor that I couldn’t miss.  During the meeting I looked out the window and spotted this park. I knew as soon as we were done talking about the future of work, I would brave the steady snow fall to find my image for the day. New York, a winter wonderland.


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