Day 39 (February 8, 2014) – New York, NY

Ok. For all of you PETA advocates out there, this image may cause a little outrage, but I couldn’t help but turn my camera towards this collection of foxes as they walked by.  Confession number one. I really wanted to pet her coat. I mean, just a few gentle strokes to feel the soft, warm fur. It was really pretty. Sad…but pretty at the same time. Confession number two. I also wanted to snuggle with the coat. You know…perhaps just my head on her shoulder and be comforted by the silken fur. No way do I condone the senseless slaughter of innocent animals so we can have fashion accessories….but on this cold New York night I could help but wonder how warm “Cruella” is. And let me not judge people by what they were or the look of disgust on ones face.  I just needed a name for this image and the first thing that popped in my mind was the fur wearing Cruella de Vil of 101 Dalmatians fame.   I got a good chuckle from this one as I boarded the train with her….Cruella warm and still seemingly angry… me…cold (as hell) with a slight smile. Gotta love the subway….you are bound to see anything.

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