Day 40

Day 40 (February 9, 2014) – Lower East Side, NYC

You got to love New York graffiti / public art – it’s everywhere! Sometimes it’s great, other times…its…’eh’ and every once in a while you are left with puzzled “WTH?!?” type of expression.  I came across the image walking back to the F train after having brunch with some friends. Who knew there is a lobster place that has a great brunch menu on Houston…literally called the Lobster Place. (I hope these lobsters aren’t from Brooklyn.) Since I was just snacking on some BK lobsters I guess nothing this day should be a surprise..especially not some crazy Illuminati type gratified camper thing sitting on the side of the road. I life my camera…snap this image…then I bounce…with a lady with wolf head and a third eye continues to watch me walk towards the subway.


3 thoughts on “ILLUMINATI”

    1. Yup. I started my 365 project on January 1st. Just trying to photograph more and hopefully get better as a photographer in the process. Eventually I’ll start experimenting more – trying new lighting techniques and even studio stuff.

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