Future Present

Day 42 (February 12, 2014) – New York, NY

My board meeting is finally over and now it’s time for a little R&R….but first some shopping. I fought the crowds at Macy’s in Herald Square looking for a new couch. 9 floors of shopping! I resisted the urge to spend hours browsing and eventually buying stuff…..stuff I probably don’t need. There is a President’s Day sale, so who could blame me if I happened to swipe the old’ credit card a few times. You know a deal is a deal…and I like deals. But on this day..I left empty handed and tired. So tired that I hopped on the wrong train to get home…the 2/3! how did I do that!?!? I was just a bout to add a twenty minute walk to commute home. Dare I transfer trains and perhaps add a 20 minute walk/ wait time to  until the A or C come lumbering down the track? I still need to take my photo for the day so I take a leap of faith and exit the 2/3 at Fulton Street. I’ve been in the station a 1,000 times and in the past couple of years it has been a crowded construction site with angry passengers squeezed into narrow spaces rushing between train lines. Well, the construction is down and they add some fancy lights straight out of a sci fi flick! There it is…my image of the day. I waited a while for someone to walk down the steps with the lights glowing in the background, but in the end I decided to use an image that highlights the beauty of lines and architectural details of simple subway stairs.


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