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Day 43 (February 12, 2014) – New York, NY

EVERYONE knows that you are suppose to keep your pinky up when hold onto the bar riding the subway!

It’s sad, but on far too many occasion I see people displaying a complete lack of proper subway etiquette on the tubes in NYC. At first I was simply going to blame the damn tourist for their complete disregard to the unwritten rules…who can blame someone from Iowa or maybe some random country in South America for not KNOWING that there are rules to riding the subway..hell there are rules to walking around Manhattan. (1. Don’t stop in the middle of the side walk!!! I don’t care if you are lost and I need to break out a map! New Yorkers don’t stop..we just walk (run) because we got things to do and places to get to!) Ok…so back to subway etiquette. I think it’s a lost art form…so I had to snap this image of a woman with an elegant display of the pinky raise bar hold. I mean…I was in awe! I spotted her across a crowded subway car. She was the only one! The only one, with her pinky held high a proud, gracing the cool subway air. It was obvious she is an expert – the type that can read a book and turn pages with one hand, while gripping the bar tightly but not too tight to show any strain in her grip. What a sight to see….only if more New Yorkers practiced proper subway etiquette.


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