DAY44 WEB_-11

Day 44 (February 13, 2014) – New York, NY

Have you ever been scared to walk down the street – like you are in some B rate low budget horror flick? We’ll call this one “The Cloud” or “The Mist” or “The White Void”….you know,  something cheesy but potentially scary.

If you’ve walked on the streets of Manhattan, at times you’ve noticed plumes of smoke (usually steam) jetting out of the crevasses of the underground.  Tonight I found a monster plume that seemingly swallowed half of 34th street. I stood across the street debating if I was going to get close to the mist covering the sidewalk and causing pedestrians to second guess their steps.   Tourist looked around puzzled. Younger kids (usually afraid of nothing) naturally thought this cloud of smoke was cool and rushed toward it with worried parents pulling them back. That’s it… I need to capture this moment. As a photographer, sometimes you just have to put yourself in harm’s way to capture the shot!  My mind was racing as I took overly  cautious steps towards the void. And then right when I got close to the source of the smoke a shadowy figure appeared out of the midst….naturally to attack me! (I should have know better, the brother always dies first in the horror flick….oh well)


20 thoughts on “OUT OF THE SHADOWS”

  1. Really good shot…came across it in the “around the world in 12 shots” and felt yours stood out as one of the better images in the group. Will have a good nose around the rest of your stuff!

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