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Day 46 (February 15, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

Another day, another snow storm. This is getting a little ridiculous.

Ok, first question. Why does it seem like there is more snow in Brooklyn, NY than in Sochi, Russia? Seriously, I could swear I saw some Olympic spectators rocking shorts the other day and hanging out on the “beach” by the black sea. While I’m here in BK trucking through snow and slush on a daily basis. Hell, I even saw what I think was the Brooklyn snowboarding team (for sure training for the next Olympics) catching air off of the slopes that was once the Fort Greene park steps. Seriously people, snowboarders in Brooklyn! Why go to Vermont when we have our own winter wonderland complete with a black diamond course. (I’m giving a Fort Greene Park a black diamond rating because of the parents and kids sledding that you have to avoid and the random light pole or picnic bench littered throughout the run – not to mention that it is pure concrete underneath the white stuff.) So, on this Saturday afternoon with the snow coming down creating blizzard like conditions I venture out for a stroll in the park to find my image. These bare trees covered with win swept snow stood out to me. There is a beauty in contrast to between the dark dead bark and the soft white snow clinging to each crevasse.


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