DAY47 WEB_-6

Day 47 (February 17, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

You know that moment when you rush to catch the G train only to hear the muffled voice of the conductor – “please stand clear of the closing doors” as you reach the top step fully prepared to jump down to flights just not to be left in limbo of G misery. (For anyone who has ridden the G train in Brooklyn – you know what I’m talking about! You see one, you jump on it…because you never know how long it will be before you see another one.)  Well…that moment sucks!

I’m telling you, I was only maybe 10 long yards away from paradise…well, the thought of paradise (and by paradise I meant my warm apartment on very comfortable bed…and the Walking Dead…followed by True Detective….hell, I might even stay up to watch another episode of Netflix crack – House of Cards!).  The only thing keeping me away from my Sunday night TV destiny was the damn G train! I guess it was just a little train drama after a great photo salon meeting with amazing photographers. Photographically stimulated, now it’s time to just get home….and maybe snap a few photos along the journey. And since i just missed my train…I figured I would document the moment as the train sped by with content passengers happy in conversation or just enjoying the soundtrack to a day complete.

35 minutes later… comes the G! 🙂


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