Duck web

Day 48 (February 17, 2014) – Chinatown, NYC

Things to eat in Chinatown when you are hungry….how about that duck in the window!

If you’ve ever walked around Chinatown in NY and perhaps in just about any other city you might notice random ducks in window. They are usually a peculiar shade of burnt orange with an oily shine as they reflect the bright lights that are both keeping them warm and in the spotlight for people who hurry by the windows. I never just hurry by these windows…I stop and take a look at all of the wonderful delicacies and wondering what half of them are.  I feel like a voyeur peeking in on an episode of Top Chef or some other random cooking show. If you stair at the window long enough you make out well acted silent stories. It’s obvious the Chef with the cleaver is upset at the head waiter by the way he is chopping that bird in pieces. You can see the anger in each swing, with bones no match for brute force.  On this day, there are no more day dreams or narrated silent stories….rather, just me and a few window ducks looking to be liberated.


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