Day 51 (February 20, 2014) – New York, NY

I often feel alone on the crowded NYC platforms and trains. Amidst the chaos that is the daily commute some find solitude.

Each morning and each evening l follow the zombie line of commuters walking at a feverish pace to get home or to work. We rush to board overcrowded trains, squeezing into every last bit of space. If you’ve ever been on a rush hour subway, you realize there is no such thing as personal space and if you are reading something (book, newspaper, ipad, etc.) others are reading it along with you. (Note to self – make sure my fellow passengers finish reading the page before I turn.) What I like about this crowded experience is the fact that I can still zone out – just me and my podcast (usually – Snap Judgement, Freakanomics or BBC Documentary). Never mind the person stepping on my foot or the overaggressive hipster who steps in front of me as if I wasn’t there……never mind them. Not even the trying to dance for money despite the evil glare tired commuters give them. Na…nothing is bothering me. I’m alone in the crowd. Just trying to get home.


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