DAY53 WEB_-8 v

Day 53 (February 22, 2014) – New York, NY

It took me about 35 minutes of waiting until the pigeon finally agreed to cooperate and flew into my shot.

Seriously people, I waited…and waited..and waited. My neck was sore from looking up and I think I might have pulled a muscle while contorting my body in weird angles to get the shot. Anything, for the shot! I found this alley in Chinatown off of Canal Street by chance about two years ago.  I love coming here because it’s an oasis of quiet and stark contrast to the bustling street market that is Canal.  I weaved my way through the crowd of hawkers trying to sell me everything from knockoff designer watches to Luis Vuitton hand bags and even bootleg perfume.  (Come on people, who buys bootleg perfume?!?!?) After a long day of walking around practicing my street photography, my oasis offered just the bit of rest and calm I needed. Looking up, I was again mesmerized by the beauty of the urban form in front of me. Steel shutters and iron fire escapes crisscrossed brick facades or pre-war buildings that have seen there better day. I wait. I rest. Pigeon finally takes flight. I shoot.


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