DAY54 WEB_-3

Day 54 (February 22, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

I spend way too much time underground, riding trains through the arteries of New York City.  Her veins are red, blue, green, orange, yellow, brown and grey with subway cars acting as blood vessels carrying precious cargo throughout the system.

If you spend time underground you quickly realize you are in a time continuum – things stand still and move quickly.  Close your eyes and you’ve left your borough – open them, and you are can be in a place seemingly brand new and foreign.  These last few months, I spent too much time in the underbelly of the city. It shielded me from harsh winter winds and subzero temperatures, from blizzard like conditions to relentless rain fall….There wasn’t much above ground this winter to rush to….until today.

I plot my escape. I have to enjoy the first 50 degree day in months. I need to put my camera away and sunglasses on. Today, I escape and enjoy a winter summer in BK.


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