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Day 55 (February 24, 2014) – New York , NY

New York Penn Station has definitely seen it’s better days. Originally built in the 1900s, the beautiful grand lobby that is common to many train stations built in the same period has been reduced to disjointed and messy post modern transit hub with a few architectural gems.

The escalator tubes leading the the train platform on tracks 8-16  are surprising beautiful or a tad claustrophobic and out dated. Take your pick. I’m an urban planner with a strong interest in design, so I like to see the beauty in things….at least most of the time. On this cold day (yes…it’s cold again! and yes….yesterday I was talking about how nice and warm it was…and how I didn’t want to be underground…about how I want to enjoy the beautiful rays of sunlight….hell I was even thinking about going out tanning!…but today…. that’s whole different story.) I’m heading down south to Baltimore for yet another meeting.  I’ve been in these tunnels a million times and have never taken a photo….until today. They’re kinda egg shaped and kinda futuristic… and kinda beautiful all the same.



3 thoughts on “PENN UNDERGROUND EGG”

  1. These eggs date back to the introduction of Acela service, and given what a pit NYP is, this was about the best Amtrak could do, although they did gussy up the fenced off waiting areas at the same time, too.

    1. Thanks for the info! I was wondering when they were built…..and I agree…NYP could sure use some updating. I’ve seen the old photos of what it once looked like…and it’s a shame we don’t have something better.

      1. There’s been talk since the early nineties of redoing the interior of the Farley Post Office, which straddles all the same tracks, as the “new” Penn Station, but the real estate interests in NY have tied that in knots for ages as they all maneuver for their piece of the pie, and the estimated budget just climbs and climbs.

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