DAY56 WEB_-6

Day 56 (February 25, 2014) – Baltimore, MD

True story – when I was about 7 or 8, I got bit by a horse! Yea…Mr. Ed decided that he liked dark meat and decided to take a little nibble while I was petting him (just like all of the other kids were doing at…THE PETTING ZOO!). I’m just saying, me and horses ain’t friends!

Ok, I’m done with my rant…but really folks, I’m sure you’ve had the chance to pet a horse….and I’m sure they didn’t bite you! who does that!?!?! Mr. Ed, that’s who!  Ok…enough! Now back to my photo of the day.  I’ve always been fascinated by horses in the hood. Yea, HORSES IN THE HOOD! When I lived Baltimore in the late 90s I was shocked when a horse pulling a cart full of fresh vegetables just came strolling down there street. I was deep in east B’more and it looked like a scene from The Wire. Bunk and McNulty were on the corner frisking Bodi trying to find the stash. Some Omar-looking cat was walking down a nondescript alley way filled with dead soldiers (empty smashed crack vials) and I’m standing talking to a community leader when….I spot a horse in the hood!  It just seemed out of place to me…but apparently this is a tradition from the early 19th century called “Arrabing”.  African Americans began to dominate the sector during World War II when factories were largely discriminating against black workers.  The growth of supermarkets and corner stores led to the decline of Arrabing, but there are a few holdovers.

So…on this cold day in B’more – I spot another horse in the hood and snap this image. Just as a little girl is about to pet the horse. (And I’m thinking…DON’T DO IT! THEY BITE!!!)


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