Day 63_LA

Day 63 (March 4, 2014) – Los Angeles, CA

I remember the first time I saw the Walt Disney Concert Hall designed by famed architect Frank Gehry. First words out of my mouth –  “WOW!!!!” followed by a “naaaaa…that’s impossible…” and then a “how the hell did they build this!”.  Frankly, I’m still amazed every time I see this building. It has to be one of my favorite buildings of all time and I building a love to photograph. If you follow my instagram feed (which you should be following! @escography – I’m nice with my iphone!) you’ll notice that I took photos of the concert hall each day that I’ve been in LA.  It helps when the conference hotel is only steps away from architectural perfection (ps. I’m not an architect, but I would gladly play one on tv! looking for an agent while I’m out here!).  To me, this is building is truly a work of art and courage. Gehry completely abandoned traditional linear architectural form for dramatic curves and a futuristic interpretation of design.

Ok…enough of the gushing about architecture. It’s a great building and you should definitely see it in person…but don’t expect any references to big eared mouses or princesses or any stuff like that. It’s named after Walt Disney but the characters are missing…….maybe this is just a new version of never never land.


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