DAY65 web_Day 65 (March 6, 2014) – New York, NY

Back in New York. Missing the LA weather. I’m cold, miserable and tired. I kinda feel like this guy in my photo of the day.

Note to self… afternoon flights out of LA are never a good look. I got home at around 1:15 AM last night and made to the office the next day for an early morning staff meeting. Perfectly roasted, organically raised, Blue Mountain harvested coffee was my savior.  Just the aroma of fine Jamaican coffee beans was enough the erase any negatives affects of a long flight filled with reviewing reports and writing while simultaneously trying to watch Thor: The Dark World. (If you haven’t seen Thor….don’t. Definitely not a great Marvel film…and I’m a Thor fan!) So, on this day of meetings and conference calls, I coast. The second and third cup of coffee running through my veins keeps me attentive and function….but by 4:30 pm….man, was I crashing.  And by 6:45pm when I finally left the office…I was a zombie. Not “Walking Dead” zombie-like, but almost there. I’m surprised I got home without falling asleep on the subway or without taking my photo for the day.

Half asleep. Coffee high gone. I lean against subway door for support. I photograph the person directly in front of me, a mirror of myself. We are both exhausted and secretively glad this day is over.


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