DAY6 web_-7 BWDay 67 (March 8, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

It’s Saturday. It’s warm for the first time in weeks. And I live in Brooklyn!

If you haven’t been to Brooklyn, you just won’t understand my excitement.  Brooklyn in the spring and summer is a site to see. Beautiful people just milling around around everywhere in their ‘fabulousness’.  Hipsters ride by on thousand dollar bikes made to look to ordinary while the Park Slope moms talk about the latest greatest organic something or other while their toddlers play.  Today in Brooklyn, everyone is out…and I mean everyone! It’s like there is a sale at the swap meet and everyone has to get a little something to take home.

I join the masses in DUMBO walking across cobblestone streets between massive warehouses and industrial buildings long past their prime and reborn as million dollar condos. (Seriously folks….I’m talking $650,000 for a 500 square foot studio!) These are lonely streets despite the faceless crowds. I remember when DUMBO was full of artist and some unsavory types.  Today, I I’m not quite sure I belong.

And with the sun and warmth just about extinguished I find my image. Questions lingering in my mind, answered.


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