DAY68_WEB BW 2Day 68 (March 9, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

Some weekends I ride the trains to escape the monotony of my day to day life. Yesterday I celebrated Brooklyn and today…not so much.

I’ve just about had it with this damn weather. I swear it was almost 60 degrees yesterday! I was walking around in just a sweatshirt with my camera strapped to my chest; sunglasses on and my BK swag in my step. I was loving it…that’s until night fall brought another dose of winter with it. I’m tired of being teased! I want to put away my thick winter coat and I want to retire my “timbs” for the season.  I guess mother nature has something else planned and I hear it’s going to snow again on Thursday. Really! If I ever see Al Roker or Sam Champion (local weather forecasters) I’m gonna walk right up and kick ’em in the shin. Just because. I know it’s not their fault, but come on people what other job can you be right 50% of the time and it’s perfectly acceptable?!?!? So, two all weather forecasters out there…in someways I blame you for this winter from hell!

Sorry for the rant….but it’s just how I feel today. My hands are cold (again) and somehow I ended up in Far Rock. I wait for my train to take me back to a place more familiar. I’m bundled up – but forgot my gloves. I lift my camera. Snap a few images and then hands are quickly back in warm pockets. When the hell will spring coming around?


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