DAY71 WEB_-4Day 71 (March 12, 2014) – New York, NY

Ok. So…I’m on the “S” train (my favorite train for obvious reasons!) and out of the blue, some viking dude just stabs an innocent business man. Seriously, I have the picture to prove it.. no really… look above! Can’t you see the expression of anguish on his face (or maybe that’s a yawn) and the way he is contorting his body?!? And…I’m sure you noticed that devilish grin and black eye paint on the viking shadowing this businessman.  Come on, you know you see him. You can’t see his hands..but if you look closely you can see they are kinda pointing at this poor guy..and I can only guess there is a dagger or ax or something vikings are known to use when the are raiding and pillaging foreign lands. (hmmm.. why the hell is there a viking on the subway anyway?) Either way…I’m glad this is a short ride from Grand Central to Times Square….and too bad for this dude who picked the wrong seat. I kinda feel sorry for him…. oh well… Here is my stop!

UPDATE: I just realized I didn’t explain the whole viking reference.  The add the appears behind the unsuspecting businessman is for the tv show Vikings on the History Channel (damn, even my tv watching sounds nerdy!). It’s a great show and you should check it out if you haven’t seen it.  The character in the ad is Floki who is an nontraditional viking because of his small stature and his general craziness.

Either way, Vikings + Subways = not a good look. Watch out!



      1. not sure you saw my reply. Sending it again.

        Can you give a cross street. Are you talking midtown?

        Here are a few suggestions:

        159 Lexington Ave b/t 30th St & 29th St

        There is also Kitchnette in Tribeca
        156 Chambers St


        Clinton Street Baking Co.
        4 Clinton Street

        If you are staying in midtown, you really need to hop on the subway to get good breakfast.

        – Shawn

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