DAY73 WEB_-6Day 73 (March 14, 2014) – New York, NY

It’s been a long week and as usual I find myself leaving the office late having missed time to walk around with daylight. So, it’s back on the subway for this lonely photograph trying to document 365 days of his life. A little frustrated today by the lack of dedicated time for this project. I really need to find a way to squeeze a little more time in my day. I also need some suggestions on things to photograph in midtown. I’m lost a see of nondescript buildings and faceless people walking about. Sure there are some iconic buildings in midtown and maybe there is some action in Time Square, but I’m not inspired (at least today) by either of those. So…I’m lost a bit…needing to refocus and find something new or different.  Sadly my offering today is another sleeping subway passenger. Please forgive me. There will be no more (unless it’s just a picture I have to take!)


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