DAY76 WEB_-13Day 76 (March 17, 2014) – Boston, MA

So…..I’m training to run the Brooklyn Half Marathon in May. Seriously folks…I’m putting down the camera, lacing up the New Balance (I have big feet and NBs are comfortable! not as stylish and Nikes, but comfortable!) and putting on my matching gear to run, walk, and crawl 13.1 094 miles or 21.0975 kilometers for all of you non-Americans reading this blog. Now what does this have to do with my 365 project….well….I had the bright idea to bring my Fuji X100s with me on a run in Boston. I’m suppose to be running 3 miles every day for the next few weeks. I, of course, think these road runner club people are trippin and my body tells me the same. This old and out of shape photographer is going with an alternative running schedule…let’s say every other day. And I use the term “running” very liberally. Hey..I do what I can! But I’m gonna make it all 13.1094 miles to the finish line in Coney Island.

Now…back to today’s run. Well…that didn’t go to well. Note to self, do not bring a camera on a run. It’s not comfortable and you kinda get distracted with images to capture. And it’s like 15 degrees this morning in Boston and even colder along the Charles River! So, today…..I start out on a run and end up on brisk walk bake to the hotel not really built for this cold (despite the extra layers I have). I’ll go for a run tomorrow – without the bulky camera that makes truly running next to impossible. But while I have this camera around my neck, might as well snap a picture.


5 thoughts on “MORNING CHARLES”

  1. Run with your iPhone. You can get an arm strap so that it’s comfortable and that way you can stop and capture an image. I’m taking pictures using my phone to document my runs leading up to the NYC marathon this year- thought it would be a great way to combine both.

  2. Wished you had called me I would have ran with you. I always see to run faster and longer when I run with someone. I’m running a few miles a day myself (slow run) but this old man is getting there. Great photograph!

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