DARK KNIGHTDay 78 (March 19, 2014) – Gotham City, NY

Have you ever dreamed about being a super hero? You know, donning a cape, a tight fitted outfit to highlight your equally tight physique and all topped off with a stern look that exudes confidence and strength.

I have to admit, when I was a little kid I wanted to be a ninja….and then Dare Devil and after that Thor. I wanted to save people or be the one people called when they were in danger.  I dreamt of days fighting injustices, taking heavy punches and returning my own barrage of kicks, judo chops, lefts, rights and uppercuts. When you thought I was down for the count…BAM!!! Here I come with the strength and resolve of 100 Hulk Hogans! POW!!!! I’m always in the fight and it’s gonna take a lot more to stop me! (BTW – I could never think of a good name for my hero alter ego – suggestions are still welcomed) And I’m not even talking about what I would keep in my utility belt! I think I would have made MacGyver proud!

Yea, I wanted to be that guy.  The super hero.

Today, I live a life of services.  And I think I’m doing heroic things working on issues of inequity and poverty. I’m joined by a league of other superheros or supersheros working to simply make this world a better place for all and fighting a constant battle for justice and equality.


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