Day 81_5 webDay 81 (March 22, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

I have no clue how people train pigeons and why they just don’t bounce and fly far away as soon they are let of their coops.

There is guy across the street from me who flies pigeons and I always watch him on Saturday morning taking his birds out for some exercise. They fly in a circular pattern. First starting out small and tight and then expanding their radius. After about 15 minutes of flying they create a mini tornado of birds as they come in for a landing on top of the coop. They hang out for a little while snacking on pigeon food (which I assume is some type of corn or bread mixture) and then they just kinda jump back in the coop and call it day. I’m still puzzled why they don’t bounce. I know if I was one of those pigeons, I’m seeking liberation at any cost!

But these birds are beautiful and apparently well trained. I’m not sure if this guy is racing them or just likes to have the birds around. Either way, I’m glad they are across the street from me and I get to watch them dance in the sky on the weekend.


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