Day 85_BW_1 webDay 85 (March 26, 2014) – New York, NY

If you ride the trains from the outer boroughs early in the morning or late at night you see the people that keep this city running. They are construction workers building the next tower or nannies and home care aides leaving their families to take care of someone else. There are shift workers heading to nondescript factories or warehouses.¬† For the most part, they are lower wage workers trying to make ends meet in a city full of wealth. Some are on their way to a second and third jobs – this is life in the big city. I’ve often thought about documenting 24 hours on the subway. I think you would see some of the most interesting changes in demographics and social and economic conditions as the day proceeds. Today it’s 6:30 AM – the witching on hour for the blue collar worker. With a hard day ahead….we all sleep.

SIDE NOTE: I know I said I wouldn’t post any more sleeping people on the subway…but this is the only time I had to shoot on this day. Again, I will try to do better and diversify my images.


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