DAY 88 WEB_-22pDay 88 (March 29, 2014) Portland, OR

They say when life gives you lemons…you should make lemonade – or something like that. Well, it’s raining…again..and I’m in Portland Oregon. Home of Portlandia, hipster central. The place where you can get a vegan double cheeseburger on gluten free bread made from local ingredients grown in the backyard.  I swear this place is just like the TV show. Seriously…..and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing….it’s just…a thing.

So, today on this rainy day in hipster land I’m chasing puddles trying to find my image of the day.  Whenever it rains I find myself looking at the reflections in puddles.  A puddle makes for an interesting canvas that can change at any moment – the wind causes a ripple in a calm surface or a falling leaf brings texture to a seemingly flat surface. Walking past a row of cherry blossom trees with their pedals absent because of the rain fall I find my puddle. It’s a beautiful water color of falling pedals and rain clouds. I guess it’s time to make lemonade.

On another note: Today I also spent a few hours with D’Wayne Edwards (www.pensole.com), a former Nike shoe designer who left the company and started a design program aimed at increasing diversity in the multibillion dollar industry. I think I remember him telling me that out of about 7,000 people in the industry there were only about 77 African American designers! He is trying to change that! If you get a chance… google D’Wayne he is truly impressive and has created an incredible program that is really making a difference in the design world.


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