DAY 90WEB_-2Day 90 (March 31, 2014) – New York, NY

Back in New York. It’s been a long day at work after an even longer flight home. I’m tired. I want to fall asleep right now, but I have a late night commute back to ‘Crooklyn. Trains are acting funny. Hopped on the wrong one at first – I guess in my zombie state downtown blurred into uptown. Or maybe I just wanted a seat to slump down in a close my eyes for a bit….yea, that’s it. I jumped on the first train I saw. I think I’m at Fulton Street…yea, that future present subway station with fancy lights. I’m alone. Really, I have the underground to myself. Not a soul insight. Wrong. A rat scurries by. I think it actually gives me a nod acknowledging my presence before going about its business. You know, doing what rats do in NY. They always have moves to make. I freeze this moment. There is something beautiful about this empty corridor.  There is symmetry in the lines reminiscent of traditional Chinese architecture. Balance and duality.  A rumbling train wakes me from thoughts. I’m finally on my way home.


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