The Justice League

DAY 92 WEB_-7Day 92 (April 2, 2014) – New York, NY

Here I am, just walking down there street….and bamn! I run into a fight. I’m talking about an all out battle. Some epic comic book type ish’! For real. In one corner, standing at a mere 5’5” and maybe a buck twenty (120 pounds) soak in wet, wearing  red and blue spandex….none other than Spider Man! aka Spidey, aka Webhead! And in the other corner…towering at 7’8” in all glorious rusty copper green…none other than…. Lady Liberty! aka The Tax Lady (you ever notice how many people you see in Statue of Liberty costumes around tax season). Here I am, a mere bystander and witness to the battle of all battle. First Spidey says something sarcastic to Lady Liberty…he might even have questioned her gender because of foot size and way above average height. As you can guess, that did not go over well. Before Webhead could finish his sentence…POW! Lady Liberty lays down the law with a swift roundhouse kick complete with a kung-fu chop to the neck for good measure! Oh…it’s on now. Spidey, dazed but not confused, slings some webs, jumps up on top of the MTV billboard and lands a swinging flying kick the rib cage of the Tax Lady. This goes back and forth – punches and kicks landing at an impressive pace. There is no way they can both endure the this kinda beating! At last….it appears to be a draw..they are both looking winded. The crowd of shocked tourist is chanting “ONE MORE ROUND! ONE MORE ROUND!” I guess they are enjoying the “show” and just want a little more blood.  I don’t think they have it in them to continue to the fight….and out of the blue Spidey extends both arms to the Lady in an effort to hug out there differences.

I lift my camera to document this act of compassion…..and then….out of the blue…. Lady Liberty knocks out Spidey with a wicked uppercut using that damn stone tablet she keeps in her left hand.

Fight over. Winner: Lady Liberty


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