DAY 93 WEB_-4 v2Day 93 (April 3, 2014) – New York, NY

I love it when someone catches me in the act. You know, that moment right when I’m hitting the shutter release button to freeze time for an eternity.  It’s already to late when you notice me. I’m unassuming. Hell, I’m usually in a business attire…jacket and tie….oh and a small nondescript camera around my neck. For this 365 project I’ve been primarily shooting with a Fuji X100s that I completely blacked out with gaffers’ tape and a scuffed up the lens hood to make the camera look a little beat up.  When you realize I’m actually aiming my camera at you…you looked shocked or surprised and…sometimes angry.  Again, it’s too late. I got you where I want you. You are my subject for the day. The moment that spoke to me that I had to turn into an image. I want to say sorry, but as quick as the shutter releases you are gone. The moment is gone. Maybe one day you will see the image of your shocked self in a book or maybe you’ll never see it and just wonder if I was really taking your picture.

I was.


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