DAY 95 WEB_-2Day 95 (April 5, 2014) Medellin, Colombia

I love walking around and exploring new cities. Everything is unfamiliar and fresh. My senses are heightened as I take everything in – new smells and sounds, architectural details that I’ve never seen before, street patterns and just the way the city moves. I people watch. I observe the happenings of a typical day. I see teenagers exchange well choreographed handshakes with more than 8 gestures with claps and slides and shakes. I see families running to catch the next train or skillfully navigating crowed streets. I play a human game of Frogger as well – one step out in to traffic, two steps to the side to dodge the truck coming at me, another two hops forward and I reach a safety zone. I guess it’s the New York in me, dodging traffic is a sport in any big city.

It’s Saturday and the streets are busy – everyone has some place to go. But some just sit and enjoy the weather. I think it’s 80 degrees outside, a temperature I haven’t experienced in months. I like how the sun warms me and after a brutal New York winter this feeling is foreign to me. This is Colombia in April and I think I like it.

I find my image near the metro station. In the midst of chaos an old man sits to enjoy some morning coffee and perhaps an arepa. A pigeon swoops down to join him.



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