Parque de las Luces

DAY 98 web_-7Day 98 (April 8, 2014) – Medellin, Colombia

Today, I decided to take the scenic route home after a long day at the Forum.  I found myself in Cisneros Plaza just as the night sky began to creep in.  Another day of photography lost to important meetings and networking. I still really haven’t been out in this city and I know it’s a street photographer’s dream. I guess I will settle for the images before me. Actually it’s not settling, it’s taking advantage of the beauty in the built form. I admired the modern design of the EPM Library and took a few images before my attention was drawn to a light show. As the sky darkened these large columns began to light up one by one until all 300 of them created a special glow in the plaza. I walked through the maze of columns until I found my image. Now, it’s time to head back to the hotel before the next evening event.


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