DAY 100 WEB_-5Day 100 (April 10, 2014) – Medellin, Colombia

This is how the other half lives.  Away from the glitz and glamor of any downtown or central city you will find those who are physically and often socially marginalized. Things are often different here. Services aren’t the same. The relationship with the police isn’t always friendly. For some, there is a culture of poverty – for others it’s a culture of struggle. There is always a fight….a fight to stay live despite injustices and cards stacked against you. They fight to put food on the table or simply to change the outcome for their children. This life is hard. But this life is beautiful as well. You see the happiness in the children playing in the streets, the smiles neighborhoods give one another as the pass by and the pride in the place you call home. Despite the renaissance the city is undergoing, the economy still doesn’t work for everyone and opportunity is fleeting. This is simply the other half, communities common in every city and often the lifeblood of the city. I’m here in Colombia with 20,000 people from around the world looking for solutions and working together to make the future better for everyone. Inequality was the central theme this week and their is hope with all of the approaches people are developing to challenge it. My trip is almost over, but my fight to challenge inequities and injustices has only grown stronger.


One thought on “LA OTRA MITAD”

  1. There’s a beauty in the bright colors of the hillside dwellings that suggests a pride of place. Even when deprived of many of life’s essentials, communities seem to retain their dignity

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