Pueblo de Zócalos

DAY 103 WEB_-3Day 103 (April 13, 2014) – Guatapé, Colombia

It’s Sunday. My last day in Colombia and I decide to head out of town with some friends. The goal is to literally climb a big rock. Yea, Esco vs. a rock…and 740 steps! Before heading to my sure demise, might as well explore this town a bit. I’m a bit surprised at the bright colors and three dimensional designs that  adorn each house. There are decorative patterns and shapes and some even have pictures of products sold in the town or the trade of the owner. This is an interesting little town and it kinda feels like your in some surreal twilight zone type movie where you’re black and white and the rest of the world is in technicolor. Hell, this could even be a bad Skittles commercial – Feel the Rainbow! I’m a little out of place wandering through these cobbled stoned streets and of course I wonder what’s behind each closed door or shutter. I want to know if the interiors (and the residents) are as colorful as the exterior or is the party only on the outside. I guess I’ll just have to go back….and see if someone invites me in for some cafe con leche. Now, it’s time to climb a rock.


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