Day 105 WEB 2Day 105 (April 15, 2014) New York,  NY

Back in NYC. I woke up this morning with the shakes.  Can’t believe it’s cold (again). I really thought while I was in Colombia for a week the long NY winter would finally end. But, it’s cold again this morning! And it’s raining. I’m staying underground today for my photos.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the cold is not the reason for my morning  shakes. It’s Day 1 of arepa withdrawal. I think (I know) I developed a habit while I was in Medellin. Arepas came with just about every meal – sure why not have a cheeses filled warm arepa for breakfast or an afternoon snack. And of course you need an arepa with your pollo alaplancha. They were everywhere…..after a day or three I became dependent. And then there was that smooth sweat coffee to was it down – cafe con leche. Si! Yo quiero cafe con leche! Now I’m back in NY and I remembered that I kinda gave up most dairy products. My cafe con almond leche is just not the same. So….no leche and no arepas – It’s going to be a rough week.



  1. No reason to suffer. Withdrawal can be a b&tch! So find where the Palenque food truck stops in mid town. They make reasonably good arepas.

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