Unexpected Commute

Day 107Day 107 (April 17, 2014) – New York, NY

It’s Thursday evening and I’m on my way to Jersey….aka New Jeru aka Jerze’ aka the Garden State. My home state. Also, the best state in the union! There I said it! NJ, my birthplace is the best state in these united states! And that being said…I still live in Brooklyn! And probably wouldn’t move back to NJ unless you paid me a lot (A LOT) of money. 🙂 I just can’t help it….New York is in my blood…from skipping class and walking over the George Washington Bridge to Washington Heights for some arroz and some con pollo, to hanging on the streets of Harlem to getting my first fake ID on forty deuce. I’ve always loved the constant motion of the New York street.

So…why am I going to Jersey?  Mix up between me and boss. I had his bag, he had mine….and my camera! I figured I couldn’t make the best of the situation and take photos in Hoboken……but as I would find out after the exchange, I would actually need a memory card in my camera to do that.  Oh well….might as well snap an iphone pic… who knew the Path station to Hoboken was kinda funky! Definitely going to revisit this place.

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