Day 108 WEB_9Day 108 (April 18, 2014) – New York, NY

Here I am in Midtown a Good Friday. I’m just minding my business out for a lunch time stroll through the neighborhood. Out of nowhere Mr. Square Pants himself shows up. Yea, you know him. He goes by the name Bob or Sponge or SpongeBob or the SpongeMeister! He is yellow and….. I guess spongy and your kids probably love him.  I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell he actually is with that dumb-ass smile always on his face. I know it’s Friday, but do you see anyone else walking around with a big-ass smile on their face? Nah…this is New York! We gotta keep it moving. We got things to do and places to go. Smiling is a just a waste of time. We acknowledge nice days with a simple half a millimeter head nod and an upward curling of the lip, but that’s it! Ok, back to Spongy. This is what happens when Marine Biologist create children’s cartoons, seriously.  Either way, it was only a matter of minutes before a busy New Yorker with you guessed it, places to go and things to do, knocked old Spongy over and wiped that dumb-ass smile off his face. 🙂


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