Building Blocks

Day 110 WEB_-5 BWDay 110 (April 10, 2014) – New York, NY

It’s Sunday. It’s kinda nice. I’m kinda bored. And I’m a lot tired. Ran a few miles yesterday training for my half marathon (note to self, stop creating lists. If you don’t create list then you don’t have to check things of said list. And if there was no list about the 40 things you would do in your 40th year on this planet, then your 40 year old body wouldn’t be hurting this damn much after running a few miles. Actually, you might have enjoyed a leisure Saturday strolling around Brooklyn making fun of hipsters and what not. But….nooooooo. You have a list!) Sorry for the rant. Ok, back to my Sunday stroll (half limping because of my gimpy ankle). I’ve been paying a lot more attention to architecture, shapes and shadows. I’m definitely going to do some research a photograph the gems of New York. But for today, I’m looking at building blocks symmetrical shapes.  I’m in midtown where most buildings are nondescript. In the middle of monotony I spy a Lego structure of uniformed rectangles that paints the sky as it rises in floors. That’s it for today, my image in front of me. Uniquely normal and made magnificent with light and shadows.


One thought on “Building Blocks”

  1. A B&W stunner! Love your suggestion of Brooklyn leisure and strolling – it’s so busy over there in hipsterville on a Saturday. Good luck with that half marathon!

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