Day 113 web_-6 bwDay 113 (April 23, 2014) – New York, NY

Only in New York and the ‘Disney’fied’ Times Square do you get a McDonald’s with a marquee that would rival any Broadway show. Seriously folks, have you seen the big bad burger slinger’s digs on forty deuce?  It’s all about glitz and glamour. Bright flashing lights make any tourist look and feel like a stars….but they are only picking up burgers!  Still, it’s on some red carpet Oscars type ish’! You sir, yes, you… the one with the over worn baseball cap and Cornhuskers t-shirt. Yea, you with with that Midwestern / southern twang trying to usher your family through the chaos of Times Square. Yea… you! Mr. Nebraska! You just won Happy Meal Deal award! Two burgers and supersized’ fries for you and the fam! Come on in! Feel like a star and eat like one too!

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