Day 117 webc_-9Day 117 (April 27, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

They watch the whole world change around them while they remain frozen. Trapped by time and space. Unable to participate (by design) in the newness; in the progress; in the renewal.  Disgruntled, slightly angry cops expert at profiling and protecting the peace but not serving made to be courteous and neighborly (but still not to you).   Streets once filled with trash and empty dreams in liqueur bottles or crack vials are now clean, filled with wanderers day dreaming on afternoon walks.  A few years ago they shot Rico in front of that “A-rab” store that use to sell quarter waters – strictly Evian and pomegranate juice now.  Who can afford that $4 dollars for a 16 oz bottle?!? Not you. It’s not for you.  Neither are those Citibikes they just parked in front of your spot. They say it is. It’s not. They say it will help you get to work. Your reply….what job? or you try to ride from Brooklyn to the Bronx for a minimum wage job. Imagine the whole world changing around you while you stayed frozen in time. Born into public housing. Your birthplace sealed your fate from the moment you were conceived. Opportunity, a fleeting promise. Dreams, usually nightmares. Hope, in church pews and the photos of those who made it out. Today, your hood is different. The world changed, just not for you.


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