Day 118 web_-4Day 118 (April 28, 2014) – New York, NY

It’s not the last train, but you run like it is. Doors close. Exactly 3.5 seconds too late. In that 3.5 you could have wedged your bag in the door and willed it open. It’s a special art New York commuters learn. I think it’s a level 4 skill, comes after you perfect the tourist weave. At level 6 your steps would have been a few seconds quicker and your vision precise. At level 7 you develop that NY stare and scowl that creates a force field around you protecting personal space on crowded trains. Level 10 – the one handed newspaper fold while maintaining perfect balance, perfected.  Right now, levels don’t matter. We’re both on the platform wishing we ran faster.


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