DAy119_-3Day 119 (April 29, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

Un-natural selection made them this way. Stronger. Faster. Bigger. Engineered to till fertile grounds…. only harvested sorrow and pain. Eventually freed, but never free.  They don’t count the same. We know we are the same, but not to them.
They live in a world not their own. We live in a country that’s not our own.

Systems and structures meant to oppress. It works. Communities neglected. And for some, hope, extinguished. For others, found in a hoop. And a ball. And a jump shot. Practice makes perfect. Perfect makes change. Change buys you new things. Even new friends – new access, new groups.

You made the League. You have the fame, the money, the fancy things. You are invited to the country clubs for your celebrity, but not as a member. You made it. But you really haven’t. Without the jersey, you’re just a kid shooting jump shots a neighborhood playground. And we know what happens to them. How they are treated. How some feel about black men and boys. How the world sees them is how they secretly (or not) see you.

Not quite equal. Not quite the same. There is a difference. To them.


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